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Sustainability is an issue that is relevant and important to all companies across all industries.  Leading companies with a sustainability focus are recognizing significant bottom-line savings through energy efficiency, waste reduction, workforce development, and more efficient supply-chain management.  Along with capturing cost reductions and improvements in productivity and efficiency, sustainability can also be leveraged to create intangible values such as brand recognition, employee motivation, and the attraction of top talent.

While most companies often than not say “Why is sustainability important?”, they should be saying “How do we strategically approach sustainability to gain a competitive advantage, leverage our capabilities, and reduce future risks?”.

The Benefits of Sustainability Activities

You can find benefits from sustainability activities whether you choose to focus on big ticket technology and product improvement projects or low cost efficiency drives that deliver productivity gains and a better carbon footprint.  For example you might want to focus on day-to-day operations and energy efficiency. Or you may develop business strategies at the corporate level and implement them through your procedures and workforce development plans.

Examples of key questions to be considered when developing a sustainability strategy include:

  • How do we define sustainability for our business?
  • How can we build competitive advantage and create substantial value for our stakeholders?
  • What should we use for goals and metrics to measure the success of the initiative?
  • What opportunities do we have to reduce our energy-related costs?
  • What organizational capabilities will be required for a sustainability initiative to succeed?
  • What are the best ways to reduce our environmental footprint-related costs?
  • How will adopting a sustainability focus impact our company culture?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from competitors through sustainable processes and products?

The bottom line is that you should think of sustainability as a strategic tool to help you ensure that your business remains competitive and profitable going into the future.

Our goal is to help business leaders understand the significant benefits of operating with a sustainability focus, and to provide assistance in developing and implementing a workable strategy to achieve the opportunities for long-term gains .

We will be happy to get together and discuss how your business could benefit from integrating sustainability into your operations, and explain the various programs and funding opportunities to help you get started.

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