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PRIME Program

  • Free Program for Manufacturers, Printers, & Food Processors
  • Reduce Energy Used for Production & Support Processes
  • Capture Productivity & Cost-Saving Gains
  • Foundation for Continuous Improvement Strategies

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, manufacturers need to take a systematic approach to evaluating and identifying inefficiencies and waste in the their operations.

The PRIME Program, funded through Energize CT* and administered by your local utility, provides you with the tools and resources to streamline processes, eliminate or reduce waste, improve efficiency, and reduce your energy consumption.

All CT manufacturers, commercial printers, food processors, and businesses with a SIC code from 2000 to 3999 (or a NAICS equivalent) are eligible to participate in the PRIME program. The program provides 100% funding to cover the costs of the first two PRIME events, and allows for an additional two events funded on a 50% – 50% cost share basis. The program participant’s share of the cost to do a 3rd or 4th PRIME event is $4,000.

The first step is a pre-qualification assessment of your operations. If we can identify potential opportunities leading to verifiable energy reductions, you will be eligible for funding of one or more PRIME events. In the event that your business does not qualify for the program, there is no cost for the initial evaluation and you will still benefit from gaining an understanding of potential areas to improve your operations.

Each 3-day PRIME event is completed within a 2-week period and tailored to your unique circumstances with the goal of achieving demonstrable improvements in productivity, efficiency, and cost reductions. A “PRIME Team” consisting of 3 to 6 of your people will participate in Lean Concepts and Continuous Improvement Strategies, Value-Stream Mapping (VSM), and root cause analysis training. Using their new skills, the Team will Value Stream Map a selected process, identify opportunities to improve it, and then develop and implement a strategy to capture the improvements. At the close of the event, the PRIME Team will present the results of their efforts to company management and the PRIME program administrators from your local utility.

A review of the outcomes of the completed PRIME event will be conducted 90 days after the project closeout. Your PRIME Team will present their findings as to whether the implemented improvements have been sustained and/or if any additional benefits have been captured to company management and the PRIME program administrators.

The objective of the PRIME program is to introduce lean and continuous improvement concepts to manufacturers and demonstrate by way of the PRIME events how using these tools can improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness. With the training and experience gained through the hands-on activities during the PRIME events, your PRIME Team will be able to apply the same concepts to other processes and areas of your operations to capture additional improvements in productivity and cost savings.

By participating in the PRIME program, your business can realize:

  • Improvements in productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced direct labor costs
  • Reduction in energy utilization
  • Improved on-time delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Reductions in scrap, rework, and quality issues
  • Faster set-up / changeover time
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Increased competitiveness and profitability

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