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Energy Management Systems

Commercial and industrial property owners have long recognized that energy efficiency can play a significant role in reducing operating costs, increasing asset value, and improving occupant comfort. The fact is that, on average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. That means that nearly every commercial and industrial building offers opportunities to reduce operating costs through energy efficiency improvements.

An Energy Management System (EMS) provides you with a cost-effective and straightforward means of identifying exactly where, when, and how your facility utilizes energy. Today’s EMS technology can monitor and control all aspects of energy performance, monitoring for abnormalities and improving the efficiency of high demand equipment by making operating adjustments based on discrete environmental or other criteria.

Benefits of Energy Management Systems

The most important benefit of implementing energy management system is that it will allow you to identify and quantify potential energy conservation measures that can be implemented to reduce your energy spend.  By making energy usage “visible”, and EMS allows you to see opportunities to reduce your energy costs while at the same time providing you with the necessary data needed to make an informed capital expenditure decision. Further, the monitoring and reporting capabilities provide a valuable tool for facilitating behavioral changes towards improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Most existing buildings were built without any thought towards energy efficiency or sustainability as being a priority, and typically do not have much in the way of systems beyond perhaps basic lighting and HVAC controls.  Fortunately, new wireless-based technologies eliminate the previously costly and laborious process of retrofitting a comprehensive energy management system.  The return on investment for such implementations typically ranges from 1 to 2 years, with many users seeing paybacks in an even shorter period.

There is a broad range of energy management technologies available to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial environment. Some are designed to integrate with existing building systems and leverage already installed monitoring or control equipment. Others act as a supplemental system to monitor and control system key pieces of high energy-demand equipment. The goal is to match the technology to the unique needs of your facility and processes, keeping an eye towards future needs.

An Energy Management System is the foundation component of any energy management or business sustainability strategy, and will provide you with the means to apply a continuous improvement approach towards driving down energy and related costs.

We will be happy to help you learn more about how you will benefit from implementing an energy management system at your facility, and explain the various programs and funding opportunities available to get you started.

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