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For Commercial Property Owners

Most existing commercial buildings were built without any real thought towards energy efficiency or sustainability as being a priority. The fact is that the average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy coming into it, with a property’s most energy intensive components – HVAC and lighting – typically making up about three quarters of building’s total energy use.

For commercial retail properties, the numbers are generally worse due to higher lighting and HVAC impacts. By becoming more energy efficient, commercial building owners can increase profits, reduce operating expenses, increase property asset value, and stretch their operating budgets much further. In addition, many studies have found that energy-efficient buildings can actually produce intangible benefits that outweigh the direct energy savings 3 to 5 times over. These benefits are monetized by factors such as increases in employee productivity and increase sales from enhanced “green” corporate image.

There are numerous programs, technologies, and funding opportunities which can be used to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of commercial properties. Along with incentives and tax credits to offset implementation costs, the energy efficiency projects can often be categorized as operating expenses and passed on to the tenants who will be capturing the cost savings on their energy bills.

The first step is characterizing how energy is utilized within your building and identifying and quantifying energy conservation opportunities. Once done, you will have the appropriate information with which to make an educated decision on appropriate energy management strategy.

We’ll be happy to meet with you to to gain an understanding of your needs, discuss and explain available programs technologies and funding opportunities, and provide you some direction as to appropriate next steps.


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