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CT Energy Programs

Today’s global market place is getting increasingly competitive, energy and operating costs continue to increase, and your skilled workforce isn’t getting any younger. To remain competitive in the rapidly changing global business environment, you need a sound strategy to ensure the ongoing viability and profitability of your business.

CT Energy Programs, a division of Profit Miners, Inc., was created to help clients navigate the complexities of energy management. Our mission is to help businesses increase competitiveness and profitability by reducing operational costs and improving productivity through a simple, continuous improvement approach. Working closely with utilities, municipalities, and economic development professionals, we provide you with relevant information on available programs, technologies, resources, and funding sources that can help you to grow and sustain your business over time.

Our experienced professionals help you to better understand how various programs, technologies, and funding opportunities work, the requirements and process involved, and how they can be applied your unique situation. We help bring focus to hidden opportunities in the areas of energy efficiency, process and productivity improvement, waste stream reduction, workforce development, and supply chain management. After gaining an understanding of your operations and needs, we work with you to develop and implement strategies to leverage identified opportunities. The captured efficiencies, cost savings, and improvements go straight your bottom line. In the end, your business operates more profitably and becomes more resilient to changes in the economy or marketplace.

Whether your industry is manufacturing, printing, food products, services, or retail, there are programs and technologies that can have a significant impact on your operations, competitiveness, and profitability.

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